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The Paediatric Research Hub

The Paediatric Research Hub, created in 2021, enables Vall d’Hebron to advance research in the fields of paediatrics and adolescence. By promoting research, this center highlights the extensive expertise accumulated at Vall d’Hebron while unifying efforts and capabilities to undertake global change initiatives.

These initiatives are designed to achieve the objectives agreed upon by the entire community of professionals involved in paediatric and adolescent research at the Vall d’Hebron Campus. The Hub is made up of 30 research groups of which 5 are exclusively paediatric, and 26 Principal Investigators.

The Hub stands out not only for its commitment to excellence in research but also for its collaborative approach. By bringing together experts from various disciplines, it fosters an environment of innovation and creativity essential for addressing the complex challenges faced by young patients today. Additionally, the Paediatric Research Hub is dedicated to continuous education and professional development, ensuring that Vall d’Hebron’s researchers and clinicians will be at the forefront of scientific and technological advancements in paediatrics and adolescence.

In this sense, the Hub has worked during 2023 on the launch of the bases for the incorporation of paediatric residents in the research groups of the VHIR and the bases of the mentoring programme of the HUB of Paediatric Research of the VHIR.

The Hub aims to facilitate research projects that have a significant global impact. In fact, it has 71 competitive projects and 167 clinical trials underway, including studies in critical areas such as rare diseases, mental health, paediatric oncology and neurocognitive development, among others. The commitment to innovation and research excellence will continue to be realised through international collaborations.

In summary, from its inception in 2021, the Paediatric Research Hub will not only enhance paediatric and adolescent research at Vall d’Hebron, but also act as a catalyst for global change, uniting efforts and capabilities to improve the health and well-being of children and adolescents worldwide.

VHIR Annual Report 2023